GL1 Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder W/Viewfinder Target Integration


The GL1 is a true hybrid GPS/laser rangefinder and is the perfect combination of GPS and laser technology. The GL1 utilizes GPS data to filter background making it easier to hone in on the pin and vibrates on target capture. GL1 provides distance to bunkers, hazards, and the front and back of the green. Voice Caddie’s slope on/off technology allows players to easily turn slope on or off as necessary for tournament play. Equipped with the highest quality lenses and processors, the GL1 is on the cutting edge of golf distance measuring devices.

  • True Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder
  • GPS Pin Assist: Utilizes GPS Data to Filter Background and Hone in on the Pin
  • Bunker and Hazard Information
  • Tag On Mode: Slope Disengaged (Tournament Legal)
  • Tag Off Mode: Slope Engaged
  • Continuous Scan Mode
  • Stabilization
  • Vibration on Target Capture
  • Optical Angel/High Clarity Lens
  • Water Resistant



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